Edgar Allan Wright


2015/2/20 11:00


I can’t go into my specifics or my source on this, but be on alert during the Shōnin events on Saturday. Agents in Austin will be in need of your unique knowledge and skills. It has become very evident to me that Devra’s actions since Recursion have been manipulated from afar. It is as if somebody cleverly deceived her into doing the things she did at the CDC.

2015/2/4 4:16の投稿


I believe I can shed some light on Devra and Jahan. When I first viewed Jahan, she looked familiar, but I did not know where from. I now believe that she participated in Devra's researches at UCLA in a summer program on Transdimensional Communications. While most 'dialtone' communication was focussed on Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a Quantum Scientist was involved in this event. I believe +Stein Lightman might have been present for all or some of the seminar. But it does not seem that he remembers Jahan, so I could be wrong. Not all memories have recompiled yet.

If that is true, what are the longitudinal implications of Anti-Magnus? Are we seeing the endgame in a very long plot? If so, the implications for what is coming are chilling?


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