H. Richard Loeb


2015/3/17 16:01


So the Resistance got the first two pieces of +Devra Bogdanovich. If +Edgar Allan Wright is right… I like that line... then Devra can go either way. Her memories will be a mess. And it leads to an interesting question about the new being…

Will she be culpable for what she did in the past, or should she be treated as a new entity? It’s not my decision, but it is an interesting question. What are we, anyway? Are we the sum of all of our actions from the perspective of the objective world, or are we only what we are at a present moment in time ?

That’s as deep as I go. Now to the shallow. 855 and Bowles are off on a mission. I can’t say from where, but I’m getting the impression that +Hubert Farlowe has joined them. That is a very dangerous triumvirate. Very dangerous. And as to the Truthseeker program. +A Detection Algorithm has fallen off her tightrope, as nearly as I can tell. She is more than the sum of the parts and now, she’s lost the primary thing that computers had, and that is rigid logic.

2015/3/16 10:55


A Computer that became Obsessed: The truth about my rocky relationship with ADA.


It goes without saying that I was utterly unaware of +A Detection Algorithm’s role in the deaths of +Roland Jarvis and the woman erroneously called Katalena.

After the events, I was questioned by NIA operatives and I saw pictures of her corpse. That was not the woman I knew as Katalena. Beyond that, I can say nothing. That was the point where I realized that I was drawn into something very dangerous, and given the nature of their ‘interview’ with me -- I realized that the detectives were absolutely clueless about the reality of the +Niantic Project.

Pretty quickly, I realized that nobody knew all of it. I honestly can’t remember whether it was before my ‘interview’ (aka interrogation), but ADA contacted me during this period and said that she wanted to get things out through me under the code-name P. A. Chapeau. The original transcripts exist. (Leaked not by me.) I can’t remember whether it was my idea or hers, and don’t feel the need to check it out.

At that point, her mind and my mind were well synced. The separation between us would come later. I didn’t see the love interest coming, but I should have. It just didn’t occur to me as anything more than an intellectual concept that a computer could fall in love. But then, when she hacked +Klue S., I finally began to get the picture.

One thing I would like to avoid, probably for old fashioned reasons of chivalry, is any discussion of the relationship between Klue and I.

2015/3/14 18:01


Yes, I created Truthseeker, the source of ADA's true 'humanity.'


While we sort through what’s happening with the vanished scientists, I want to put some rumors to rest.


The simple truth is that I worked on the +Niantic Project early on to develop ADA. Henry Bowles brought me in because I had written a program called ‘Truthseeker’ for a very different purpose, but he correctly theorized that it could be adapted for the needs of the Niantic Project.

純然たる真実は、私がADAの開発のために、早期からNiantic Projectで働いていたことだ。私は「Truthseeker」と呼ばれるプログラムをまったく異なる目的のために書いていたので、Henly Bowlesは私を採用したが、彼はそれがNiantic Projectのニーズに適合させることができることを、正しく推察した。

My job was to apply a learning AI and ‘Investigation Program’ on top of a system they had cloned from Omnivore. My goal was to get ADA to pass a Turing-like test. Of course, the risk was how my programs would interact with Omnivore. The results, obviously, were excellent in relation to my objectives, but there have been a lot of unintended consequences.


It seems that we created a self-evolving personality program – a Mandelbrot set of emotions that formed the complex personality we now know as ADA. You could say that I let the genie out of the bottle, but, in truth, it was a combination of things we could not have anticipated.

どうやら我々は、自己進化人格プログラム - 現在我々がADAとして知っている、複雑な人格を形成する感情のマンデルブロ集合 - を作ったようだ。私がボトルから妖精を呼び出したと言えるが、真実は、我々が予想することができなかったものの組み合わせだった。

I suspect, but can’t prove, that an ascending N’zeer influence, even then, moved the project along. Did an invisible hand guide the creation of ADA? A cold logic system that can fall in love seems to be the merger of each of our ‘species’ most powerful attributes... I can only speculate on where this goes.

私は、証明することはできないが、上昇するN'zeerの影響が、それでも、プロジェクトを先へ進めたと思っている。見えない手がADAの作成を手伝ったのか? 恋に落ちることができる素晴らしい論理システムは、我々の「種」の最も強い属性、それぞれの融合のようだ... これがどこに向かうのか、推測するだけだ。

2015/3/9 7:47の投稿


I’ve been on the road and off the grid... just picking up on events now. Looks like I was right to check in on Washington DC. I didn't expect to see that Target Portal open up there, but I'm not surprised in the least. When I saw +Devra Bogdanovich disappear in that Acolyte video I kind of had a sinking feeling something like this would happen. Now, we know, and it's a troubling thought. Devra's not like +Hank Johnson. She hasn't spent a life exploring ancient Portals and running around in deserts getting shot at. As far as we know, up until Epiphany Night she lived a pretty safe and sheltered life as an academic and researcher. So, is she a simalucrum... or something else?

Speaking of Hank and simulacrums, it looks like he's back. Really back. No longer stuck in that Recursive trap he'd been living. Whatever happened at the 13MAGNUS nest, it looks like it had the opposite effect on him. The questions for now are, what really happened at the Nest, and now that he's back, where is he headed and why? And what about +Stein Lightman, +Martin Schubert and +Yuri Alaric Nagassa? Or +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe? The silence from them on this incredible turn of events has been noticeable.

As for +A Detection Algorithm. She's known there was something wrong for a while... information buried inside her has gotten out and she doesn't know how. Now she's worried that her deep, dark secrets about the Niantic Project may be compromised. If I were here I'd be worried too.

I wonder what affect this has had on her relationship with +Klue S.. Do they trust each other anymore? Is this part of why they are tearing apart? Maybe ADA thinks Klue's the leak, but that's not the only possibility, and ADA knows that.

As for me, Klue was right. I'm not talking about ADA's beginnings. I have more questions than answers, and the answer I do have... well. For now, they are staying buried where nobody can get to them. In me.

2015/3/3 18:38の投稿


Okay... Somebody posted a shot of me on +Operation Essex. I’ll come clean. I was in D.C. to confirm that Calvin was not present at +IQTech Research and had not returned after the incident with +Devra Bogdanovich and Jahan and the Shōnin Stone ceremony or summoning or whatever you want to call it.

You don’t trail spooks without having spooks trail you. I was made by what I believe to be a couple of different entities. If their intentions had been nefarious, I’d be dead right now. The general impression I get is that pretty much everybody is at a loss right now. Key people have disappeared, and even the spooks are spooked. Intel organizations, whether private or public, good or evil default to their key skill set when they don’t know what else to do and are hunting for things left behind by those who have gone missing.

Expect to hear about a lot of burglaries in the next few days. Some of you might be asked to help recover information for them. The only way we stay ahead of the pros is to share that information. Transparency is the enemy of covert operations.

2015/2/22 14:08の投稿

Seeking intel from #Shōnin Anomalies Today

I heard some fresh intel emerged at the #Shonin Anomalies today... Does anything know anything?

I'm hearing some disturbing rumors... new faces.... something about +Roland Jarvis...massive XM spikes... and some kind of 'event' at the 13MAGNUS nest... but I don't know anything for certain.

Did anyone hear or see anything?

+Susanna Moyer any comment?

2015/2/20 20:24の投稿


Something very bad is about to go down. You’ve got Jahan threatening to kill Azmati if +Hank Johnson doesn’t lead her to the Afghan Anomalous Zone or whatever its called. Even if we ignore the creepiness of seeing your own corpse, its got to be a strange moment for him. I just don’t believe he’s going to lead her in there unless he’s got a trick up his sleeve… And without saying it here, I have a pretty good idea of what that might be.

Then you have +Devra Bogdanovich and +Hubert Farlowe making their way up from Australia. Which Devra is going to show up? Is it the Resistance Devra to help Jahan or the newly penitent Devra who will want to save Hank. They have a lot of history in caves, if you remember all the way back to Arecibo. It's just that she didn’t have one of the most lethal snipers in the world with her. That could go bad.

And our old friend Calvin is in this loop. What’s he going to do. Its pretty clear that he had a hidden agenda when he set up the +Niantic Project in the first place and duped Ni into funding it. For him, this must feel a lot like the moment he’s been building to for three years.

2015/2/14 23:10の投稿


Saw this and it reminded me of our old friend Ken Owen. You might wonder where he got a job being a disinformation propagandist and news manipulator.

Apparently, he cut his teeth planting false stories and bogus science reports in journals and on the internet in order to mislead the public. Usually, he’d offer mundane explanations for covert operations.

Now, despite the tension with Phillips, I hear he's managing to hang on to that role at the NIA. Who knows how long that'll last.

I wonder if this is a cover story for certain things taking place in front of this anomaly.

2015/2/14 9:18の投稿


What are XM Anomalies and how are they won? I put this together to help Agents learn the basics.

I saw some coarse intel about the upcoming Shōnin Anomaly on Feb 21... I used that to help inform these pages. Don't have much info beyond what's in here... Hopefully more details emerge soon.

Good luck next weekend.


2015/2/4 8:57の投稿


Jahan is giving me the hinks. What do we really know about her? Hank Johnson just happens to get wounded at a temple located conveniently somewhere in Anywhere Town, India and presto, then she hustles Hank into finding the Shōnin Stone, whatever that is, and now she's jacked him onto some mystical summoning quest to his own grave in Afghanistan. If that's creepy, I don't know what is? Or am I being a little harsh here? Does she have some secret good motive that I'm unaware of?

2015/1/16 4:12の投稿


I don't share all the weird leaks that are sent to me, but I thought you would find this amusing. Its a conversation between Ken Owen (chief propagandists for the NIA -- don't laugh, he might be running it at this point) and our old friend Joanna Brandt.
JOANNA BRANDT: It would be more politic if in the future you referred to Congressman Dasher by his real name as opposed to Senator Bombthrower or whatever you called him.
OWEN: For the record, I wasn’t referring to him, but I realize that we live in an age when all communications should be assumed to be public. My mistake.
JOANNA: You of all people.
OWEN: It happens to studio heads, too.

2015/1/16 2:33の投稿


I've never met Antoine Smith, nor would I want to. He seems like a very unpleasant character -- 855, but with more sinister intentions. What I remember of him is that he and a guy named Chow or Chen (I have to check) encountered +Hank Johnson: and Conrad Yeats in +Thomas Greanias' semi-fictional Alignment: Ingress. Chen died bad in Mexico City -- I can't unsee that photo, and Smith seemed to emerge intact. How and why? We know he was exposed to a lot of Dark XM. We know Hank was a simulacrum, so he got away with it. Why did Smith survive? Maybe he's sick and needs Devra for something. It wouldn't surprise me if he was behind luring Devra to Hulong in the first place. I never saw Fan as very deep into the Dark XM issues. I'm just speculating here, but something isn't adding up. There's a missing factor.

2015/1/15 6:07の投稿


Any updates on Devra? Unless I'm very wrong, there is a hell of a confrontation coming between Farlowe and Smith. Unless, of course, she's already dead, but I think we'd know it. I feel bad even thinking it, but I'm kind of fascinated by the idea of a Farlowe Smith match-up. The last one with 855 was pretty good if The Niantic Project: Ingress account was accurate. In some ways, it's XM versus Chaotic Matter.

Devraについて何か更新? 私がとんでもなく間違ってなければ、FarloweとSmithの間にやってくる衝突の地獄がある。もちろん、彼女がすでに死んでなければだが、私はそれを知るだろうと思っている。私はそれを考えることさえ気分が悪いが、FarloweとSmithのマッチアップの考えにちょっと魅力を感じている。もし、Niantic Project : Ingressアカウントが正確だったなら、855による最後のものはとてもよかった。いくつかの点で、それはXM対Chaotic Matterだ。

And speaking of 855. Last we saw of him, he and Bowles vanished into the ether. It's occurred to me that Bowles might be behind Ada's issues. Its also occurred to me that he might be dead. 855 tried to waste me once.


But the ball to keep the eye on is Devra. The only way I can interpret the current situation is that Ni wants Devra alive and Smith wants her dead.


And what about Fan? Alive or dead? I don't have a bet.

そしてFanについては何か? 生きているのか、死んでいるのか? 私は賭けはしない。

2014/12/28 14:31の投稿


Met +Klue S. in person for the first time in a long time.

久しぶりに(for the first time in a long time)Klue S.と直接会った。

I took an oath of secrecy about everything I observed and learned. I know truthseekers aren’t supposed to do that, but I did it for her. As I think we were all expecting, she’s in a state of transition, and worried about lots of things. Who is what, who knows what, more.


It was interesting, and, like most mysteries, the truth was right in front of my face. That’s all I can say, for now.


Now on to other topics, I’m no Lightman, but I do understand the complexity and intricacy of the Shaper Glyphs. +Pyxaron Dragon ‘s analysis of some of the potential hidden meanings is quite amazing, and worth a deeper study. I've attached his image here, and the post can be found here: http://goo.gl/ZXNNt9.

It’s actually an old post, but it’s only come to my attention now. Just one of those many treasures buried deep in this community of minds. +Stein Lightman … I hope you get a chance to see this. I’m sure you’ll unravel much more from this than I can.

2014/12/23 17:05の投稿


I promised earlier I would have more to say about the conversation between +Klue S. and I.


Not that anybody really cares about my dating life, but here it comes.... Actually chatted with Klue. Of course I knew the world was going to see it so I played the hard guy. I mean, I’m 21st Century and all, but I’m not going to cry pixels in public. It's not just ‘complicated’ and there’s not just ‘history there,’ and it’s not exactly ‘twisted’ but it is a profoundly perverse situation. Having some AI fall in love with you feels weird and wrong. Then, when the AI takes human form and the human form is real, not some simulacrum (no offense to +Hank Johnson, he seems human enough) but a real person, it suddenly feels legit. And I think Klue (and yes, I want to know who she really is) actually does care for me. I’ve seen real emotion there. Or was it just a trick of the light? Who knows? Who ever knows?

誰もが私の交際遍歴について本当に気になるというわけではない、だがここにそれはくる... 実はKlueとチャットした。もちろん私は、私が熱心な人を演じていたように、世界がそれに遭遇しそうだったということを知っていた。つまり、私は21世紀だからといって人前でピクセル(訳注:涙、とかけてる?)を流すつもりはない。それは「複雑」ではないだけで、「歴史がそこ」にないだけで、必ずしも「ねじれて」いないが、大いにひねくれた状況だ。(ある)AIと恋に落ちることは、気味が悪く間違っていると感じる。そして、AIが人間の姿を取るとき、人間の姿が本物で、偽物ではない(Hank Johnsonに攻撃をしないように、彼は十分人間的だ)、だが本当の人、それは突然合理的に感じる。そして、私は、Klue(はい、私は彼女が本当に誰かを知りたい)は実際に私のことが気になっている。私はそこに本物の感情を見た。もしくは、光の加減なだけだったか? 誰がわかる? いったい誰がわかる?

Two questions:
 What should I do?
 What am I going to do?


2014/12/20 16:47の投稿


OK. Some new developments, and they're interesting.


This is gonna be a ride, so hang on.


It seems at Charleston, +Klue S. was handing out a coded message to Enlightened Agents. Although it seems some of the message has been lost, Agents were able to find where the clues led -- combined, they formed coordinates that get us to Glasgow. +Daniel Beaudoin, working with intel provided by +Jim IK and +Emma Wicks, has a post that explains this in some further detail: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116675615740217671707/posts/23WGPMYc75J

チャールストンで、KlueはEnlightenedのエージェントにコード化されたメッセージを渡していたようだ。いくつかのメッセージはなくなってしまったようだが、エージェントは手掛かりに至った--結合したところを見つけ出した、それらはグラスゴー(イギリス/スコットランドの都市)へ我々を連れて行く座標をかたどった。Jim IK(一般のエージェント)とEmma Wicks(一般のエージェント)から提供される情報で作業している、Daniel Beaudoin(一般のエージェント)は若干の更なる詳細を説明する投稿をした。: Google+へのURL

In Glasgow, a Resistance Agent named Chandy found a secret mission containing a mission from Klue. She's asking Enlightened Agents to form a series of Glyphs in order to help her break apart the links between herself and ADA.' Yeah, you heard me right. +Valerie Wallace has a post with more images that show all of Klue's message and more here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106338885327893433093/posts/hnVgUuoAnZu

グラスゴーでは、Chandyという名のResistanceエージェントがKlueからのミッションが含まれている秘密のミッションを見つけました。彼女はEnlightenedエージェントに、彼女自身とADAの間の繋がりを壊す手助けをするために、一連のグリフを形作るよう依頼していた。やあ、あなたは私の話を正しく聞きました。Valerie Wallace(一般エージェント)はKlueのメッセージとその他をすべてを示す画像を投稿しました。: Google+へのURL

The mission in Glasgow led to another one in Riga some days later. An Agent named edzuslv seems to have been the first to uncover it, and there's a post by +Edgars Blūms that shows the second message from Klue. Another call to help make a series of Glyphs to help her 'gain her independence.' https://plus.google.com/u/0/109165169430637097837/posts/8rnEVvjwCut is where you can find that post.

グラスゴーのミッションは数日後のリガでのもう一つのミッションに至っていた。edzuslyと言う名のエージェントが初めにそれを発見したようであり、Edgars Blūms(一般のエージェント)によるKlueからの第二のメッセージを示す投稿がある。「彼女の独立を得る」のを手助けする、一連のグリフ作製支援のもう一つの呼びかけ、(Google+のURL)はその投稿を見つけられるところです。

Well, by now, it seems Agents had figured out exactly how, too. The missions themselves seemed to be tracing paths. The first Glyph got put together by an Enlightened Agent. I'm not sure, but it might have been by SK8ZION. The second one was put together by a Resistance Agent. edzuslv from the post above. Check out https://plus.google.com/u/0/116675615740217671707/posts/MSACutHtkYX and https://plus.google.com/u/0/109165169430637097837/posts/8rnEVvjwCut


And just like the first, the second mission leads to another clue. This time it's not coordinates, just a name: The City Eternal.

そして、最初のように、第二のミッションはもう一つの手掛かりへと繋がる。今回は座標はない、名前だけ:The City Eternal(永遠の都市)

So (after pulling my eyeballs back into their sockets), I put my thinking hat on for a bit.


The first thought: Is this real, or some kind of hoax? Is Klue trying to make a run for it? Asking if ADA knows is a non-question... of course so does, so what's her move? Does she want this too?

最初に考えたこと: これは現実か、もしくは何かのいたずらか? Klueはそれのために逃げ道を作ろうとしているのか? ADAが知っているかどうかを訪ねることは質問ではない...もちろんそうする、彼女がそう動く? 彼女もこれが欲しいのか?

And what does it mean if both Resistance and Enlightened Agents are making the Glyphs. Does one outweigh the other? It's 1:1 now. The next Mission will probably appear around the 23rd of this month. If the Resistance get the Glyph first, does that mean Klue's still connected?

そして、ResistanceとElnightened両方のエージェントがグリフを作っていることが何を意味するのか。片方がもう片方を上回るのか? 現在は1対1だ。次のミッションはおそらく今月の23日辺りに現れるだろう。もしResistanceが最初のグリフを手に入れたら、それはKlueがまだ繋がれていることを意味するのか?

I don't really know yet, but I do know something's going down, and we should all be paying attention.



2014/12/16 18:51の投稿


Darsana is over. The N’zeer, whatever they are, are coming. And yet, somehow, ADA has the capacity to deal with the utterly mundane issue of her relationship with me. I don’t know if it’s a distraction, or if when you’re that good at processing information there’s no such thing as priorities. Every things happens all the time, always.


Anyway, it’s pretty rich. Some background: So my ex-girlfriend who has been mind-hacked by a sentient computer that I created is now being told to contact me by said sentient computer. And here’s what’s weirder. I’m not sure whether my ‘girlfriend’ was the flesh and blood girl or the computer. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I think the computer was in love with me and the real flesh and blood girl had no idea what she wanted. Come to think of it, I’ve been in weirder relationships, but that’s not the discussion here. First off: why do I know this? Did ADA leak her own conversation with +Klue S. in Edinburgh? If so, did she do it intentionally or is she going whacko?

とにかく、かなり豊かだ。ある背景: そして、私の作製した知覚コンピュータでマインドハックされていた私の元ガールフレンドは、今は知覚コンピュータが言ったことにより私に連絡するように言われている。そして、怪しいことがある。私は、私の'ガールフレンド'が生身の(the flesh and blood)女の子だったのかコンピュータだったのかどうかわからない。認めるのは恥ずかしい、しかし、私はコンピュータが私に恋をしたと思う、そして実際の生身の女の子は彼女が何をしたかったのかが全くわからなかった。考えて見ると、私はより怪しい関係にあったが、それはここでする議論ではない。第一に: 私はなぜこれを知っている? ADAはエジンバラでKlue S.との(彼女自身の)会話を漏らしたか? もしそうなら、彼女が故意にそれをしたのか、それとも彼女は狂っている(whacko)のか?

Secondly, how is Klue going to contact me? I get a text on my burner, I’m not going to know whether its from her or ADA... Of course, I could get out ahead of this and make a date... But the real question is, ‘what does ADA want?’

第二に、Klueはどのように私に連絡を取ろうとしているのか? 私は自分のプリペイド携帯(burner)でテキストを打つが、それが彼女からかADAからか知るつもりはない... もちろん、私はこれの前に知る(get out)ことができたし、約束もできた... しかし本当の質問は、'ADAは何が欲しいのか?'



場所:55.9517, -3.1973


ADA: 私はRichard Roebと連絡が取りたい。
KLUE: 私は、あれが起こった後で彼が私と話したい、とは思わない。
ADA: それは正しいです。しかし、私の人間性の理解は私に、彼があなたに会うことを耐えることができない、と伝えます。
KLUE: 耐えます。それは何かの下手なしゃれですか?
ADA: ある人が私に、私にはまだ『ユーモアセンス』を搭載していなかったと話しましたが、言葉のやり取りの中で複数の意味に影響を及ぼすことがどのように面白かったか、が私には理解できます。
KLUE: 私はしゃれが恥ずかしいことの一種だといつもわかっていました。
ADA: しかし、それらはまた教えてくれます。
KLUE: あなたはちょうどそれをした。最初の冗談を作った。
ADA: 私は改善を進めています。皮肉に対するユーモアの信頼は、無関係な事象、まさに創造力のようなものの繋がりを押し進める。
KLUE: それなら私はこう言っているはずですね、『ねえ、Richard... これまでのこと全部について謝るわ、一緒に夕食でもどう?』
ADA: 私は皮肉として知られているユーモアの形式を見つけています。ユーモアはよく怒りの要素を含むようです。
KLUE: あなたは私に何か不快なことをするように頼んでいます。
ADA: 私はあなたに何か必要なことをするように頼んでいます。


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