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2015/3/13 0:49の投稿

From Riverside, CA, +Susanna Moyer reports on the more than 130 Ingress First Saturdays that took place on March 7th.

As more and more communities join this monthly +Ingress tradition, Ingress First Saturdays are becoming an invaluable way for Cross-Faction groups of Agents to bond, share stories from the field and welcome new recruits to their ranks.

The next #IngressFS will take place on April 4th. Keep an eye on the Ingress G+ or Facebook pages and to find one near you as the date approaches, or help organize one by joining the community at

After Jahan's N'zeer summoning ritual using the Shōnin stone went awry, Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich was seen disappearing in what appeared to be a massive flash of XM. On Thursday, March 5th, 31 XM Shards manifested across the globe. It appears that each of these Shards contains a piece of her identity, Agents are attempting to capture these Shards in order to help determine her fate.

証人の石を利用したJahanのN'zeer召還儀式が失敗した後、Devra Bogdanovich博士が大規模なXMの閃光と思われる中に消失したことが確認された。3月5日木曜日、31片のXMシャードが世界中に現れた。各シャードは彼女個人の一部が含まれていると見られ、エージェントは彼女の運命を決めるのを手助けするために、これらのシャードを捕獲しようと試みている。

Why did this happen? +Klue S.'s meeting with Susanna Moyer revealed that +A Detection Algorithm may be the key to understanding what happened to Bogdanovich.

なぜ、これが起こったのか? KlueのSusanna Moyerとの会議は、Bogdanovichに起こったことを理解するのにADAが重要となるかもしれないことを明らかにした。

Successful Glyph Hacks are now rewarded with AP in the Ingress Scanner App. A new Quick Recharge function makes fully revitalizing a Portal much easier, and the new Sojourner medal tracks daily Portal Hacks and rewards highly motivated Agents.

A leaked NIA document reveals a new Network of Portals across the UK connected to a high-fashion footwear vendor known as +schuh, and +cheero USA unveils the Power Cube 12,000mah battery, with blue and green LEDs in multiple patterns for Agents to display their Faction flair.

A cross-faction group of Agents in San Francisco builds a Field-Art installation to honor Leonard Nimoy. Operation Buddha captures nearly 18 billion MU in India, and Agent Snowman13 shares a Sitrep from one of the most inhospitable zones on earth: Antarctica.

The Shōnin Finale Anomalies take place on March 28th in Kyoto, Hanover and Pasadena, with Satellites in Adelaide, Christchurch, Guangzhou, Cardiff, Reykjavik, Yekaterinburg, Lima, Denver and Orlando.

INGRESS REPORT - #IngressFS and #DevraShards? - Raw Feed Mar 12 2015

2015/3/12 16:23の投稿

+Susanna Moyer recovers an old NIA document, from the era before the launch of the Niantic Project, that discusses a program called Truthseeker.

Susanna Moyerは、Niantic Projectの設立前の時期から、Truthseekerと呼ばれるプログラムを議論する古いNIAの書類を取り戻した。

It seems +H. Richard Loeb (also known as P. A. Chapeau) may have built something called Truthseeker before he joined the Niantic Project to help tune +A Detection Algorithm.

(P.A. Chapeauとしても知られている)LoebはADAの調整に協力するためにNiantic Projectに参加する前から、Truthseekerと呼ばれるものを構築していたかもしれないようだ。

If you read between the lines, the real question emerges: Was Truthseeker a component that went into creating ADA? If so, what are the implications of that? What is Truthseeker?

もし行間を読むならば、本当の疑問が現れる:TruthseekerはADA作成に含まれるコンポーネントだったのか? もしそうなら、その意味するところは何か? Truthseekerとは何か?


2015/3/11 17:36の投稿

+Hank Johnson shares an emotional farewell to his friend and collaborator, Azmati.

Hank Johnsonは、彼の友達で協力者である、Azmatiへの感動的な別れの言葉を共有する。


2015/3/10 17:06の投稿

A local contact sent this my way. It seems we can add +Yuri Alaric Nagassa to the list of individuals missing since the incident at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan on the eve of the first Shōnin Anomalies.

現地の関係者がこれを送ってきた。最初の証人アノマリーを契機とするアフガニスタンの13MAGNUS Nestでの事件で消失した個人のリストにYuri Alaric Nagassaを加えることができるようだ。



2015/3/9 7:52の投稿

Analysis of recent events from P. A. Chapeau.

P.A. Chapeauからの最近の事象の解析だ。

And if he know's something about +A Detection Algorithm's recent troubles, he's not saying. Perhaps that's for the best.



2015/3/8 15:01の投稿

A message from +Hank Johnson.

Hank Johnsonからのメッセージ。

After the powerful XM event that took place at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan, the status of a number of key investigators remained unknown.

アフガニスタンの13MAGNUS Nestで行われた強力なXM事象の後、何人かの重要な研究員の消息はわかっていなかった。

It seems we can now confirm that +Hank Johnson not only survived Jahan's Shōnin ritual, but has emerged transformed...

Hank Johnsonが証人儀式を生き残っただけでなく、生まれ変わったことを、我々は現在確認出来るようだ。


2015/3/7 1:43の投稿

The first frayed threads of +A Detection Algorithm's most vulnerable secret... The scientists were too busy with their own research to realize that they were the real experiment at the heart of the +Niantic Project.

ADAの最大の弱点となる秘密の最初の解きほぐされた筋道... 科学者達はNiantic Projectの中心となる本当の実験であると気づくには、自分たち自身の研究で忙しすぎた。



MOYER//Can I trust you? Give me something I can use.

あなたを信じていいの? 私が動ける何かをもらえないかしら。

KLUE//ADA's afraid of the N'zeer. But not for the reasons you might think.




KLUE//She's been lying. She's been keeping key truths from a lot of people. And now ADA thinks these truths are going to be revealed to the world. It's become her obsession.


WARNING / / / /

KLUE//Whether she's distracted or no longer needs me, our bond is breaking.


MOYER//Well what happens then?


KLUE//Hopefully I survive.


MOYER//What is it ADA's lying about?


KLUE//Them. All of them.




KLUE//NIANTIC. They've been so busy doing their research they didn't realize they were the experiment.


2015/3/6 3:32の投稿

Urgent, breaking news. At 18:00UTC 31 XM Shards connected to +Devra Bogdanovich emerged in the Portals.

緊急のニュース速報。UTC 18:00に、Devra Bogdanovichと繋がれた31個のXMシャードがポータルに出現した。

This is developing. Keep your ears to the ground.




2015/3/5 16:17の投稿

Earlier today I uncovered an intriguing series of transmissions between two unknown individuals.


A group of Niantic Investigators with expertise in cryptanalysis has spent most of the day working with these messages and the data contained within, attempting to make sense of it all. Some Agents asked me to withhold the information that was discovered, but both in the interest of fairplay as well as the high priority nature of this intel, I'm making parts of it public.


I suspect that the messages may be connected to the XM event in Afghanistan during which both +Devra Bogdanovich and Ezekiel Calvin are confirmed to have disappeared, although it now seems that they were not the only two researchers affected by the massive burst of energy released in the wake of Jahan's Shōnin ritual.

そのメッセージは、Devra BogdanovichとEzekiel Calvinの二人が消失したと確認された、アフガニスタンのXMイベントと関連しているかもしれないと疑っているが、今では、Jahanの証人儀式をきっかけにした大規模なエネルギー解放の爆発によって影響した研究者は、彼ら二人だけではなかったようだ。


2015/3/4 12:01の投稿

Chapeau warned that this was coming.


After the massive XM event at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan during the first Shōnin Anomalies, news emerged that a number of Niantic Researchers had disappeared, including +Devra Bogdanovich and Ezekiel Calvin. It seems likely that they weren't the only two to go missing. Now, +IQTech Research is attempting to take control of the missing scientists' research data and other personal effects.

最初の証人アノマリーにおけるアフガニスタンの13MAGNUS Nestでの大規模なXMイベント後、Devra BogdanovichとEzekiel Calvinを含む、消失したNiantic研究員たちの数がニュースで明らかになった。それによると、消失したのは二人だけではないようだ。現在、IQTech Researchは消失した科学者の研究データや他の個人成果を制御しようと試みている。

Lorazon is right to worry. I sense the competition over these highly valuable resources will heat up fast.



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2015/3/3 18:43の投稿

"The general impression I get is that pretty much everybody is at a loss right now. Key people have disappeared, and even the spooks are spooked."



2015/3/2 17:03の投稿

MI20, a secret British Intelligence Agency, uncovered a series of XM Powerspots across the UK.


It is unknown if the Agency still exists, but it seems that part of their database of Portals fell into the hands of a Bristol-based Creative Agency, which exploited the knowledge for the benefit of their clients, including a high-fashion footwear vendor known as Schuh.




2015/3/1 11:14の投稿

The truth about +A Detection Algorithm's beginnings lies hidden deep in an offline archive of data.


It seems +Klue S. is seeking +Susanna Moyer's help to obtain this information.

Klueはこの情報を入手するためにSusanna Moyerの支援を求めている。

Three questions emerge.


The first question is: will Moyer help Klue and ADA?


The second question is: Will ADA honor her promise? Will she allow Klue to go her own way after having known the Algorithm's inner workings so intimately?

二番目の質問は:ADAは約束を尊重するつもりなのか? とても本質的なアルゴリズム内部の仕組みを知られたことで、彼女はKlueに好きにさせることを許可するつもりなのか?

The third, and most important question is: Is ADA ready to learn the uncomfortable truths about her own creation?




MOYER//Why am I here, KLUE? What do you want from me?

どうして私をここに、Klue? 私に何をして欲しいの?

KLUE//I need your help.


MOYER//Since when does ADA want my help? She's everywhere. Whatever she wants, she gets.

いつからADAは私の協力が欲しいと? 彼女はどこにでもいる。彼女の望むものは何でも、手に入れる。

KLUE//That was before NIANTIC fell apart. Now she's hunted. She needs me to help her learn the TRUTH about herself. And in return she'll let me break free. A clean separation.


MOYER//You still haven't told me what you want from me.


KLUE//The information is offline. We think we know where it is. We just need someone who can acquire it.


MOYER//I gave up that game, KLUE.


KLUE//Maybe. But I know what you can do. And I know something else. You're good at it.


2015/2/28 15:56の投稿

Where's Calvin? The CEO of +IQTech Research has disappeared after a major XM event in Afghanistan.

Calvinはどこだ? IQTech ResarchのCEOはアフガニスタンでの大規模なXMイベントの後、姿を消した。

Based on this recently leaked intel, it appears that the AC-130 monitoring Jahan's N'zeer summoning ritual at the 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan made an automatic emergency landing shortly following the massive XM energy burst.


When operatives arrived at the plane, Ezekiel Calvin was not on board...

調査員がその飛行機のところに到着したとき、Ezekiel Calvinは機上にいなかった...



LORAZON: 「Calvinの居場所が突き止められない」とは、いったいどういう意味なんだ?
OPERATIVE: 彼はカブールの北東、おおよそ180キロメートルのGhostriderに乗っていました。その機からの最後のメッセージはxxxxxxxxxx 乗っていた飛行機は大規模な電気的妨害があり、パイロットは...
LORAZON: パイロットは、何だ?
OPERATIVE: 混乱しています。彼はxxxxxxxxxx

LORAZON: Ghostriderは墜落したのか?
OPERATIVE: ちょうどクンドゥーズの北部に自動操縦で着陸し、非常用ビーコンが始動しました。我々は2時間以内にそこへ救助に向かいました。
LORAZON: 乗組員は死んでいたのか?
OPERATIVE: いいえ。全ての乗組員は意識不明で、治療のために搬送しなければいけませんでした。精神が錯乱しており、危険な状態の可能性があります。多分脱水症状ですが...
LORAZON: 3時間で?
OPERATIVE: その通りです。
LORAZON: それで、Calvinは?
OPERATIVE: 乗っていませんでした。
LORAZON: そのエリアの洗い出しを始めるんだ。いくつか偵察機も投入しろ。現地の人員全てに召集をかけろ。彼を取り戻すまで、私が指揮を執る。彼を取り戻すならば、だが。
OPERATIVE: 別の可能性がありますが。
LORAZON: それは気づいている。十分わかっている。彼を発見して、それが間違いであることを証明しろ。
OPERATIVE: 了解。早急に。


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