Stein Lightman

Shaper Glyphsの研究員。主にグリフに関する投稿が多い。

2015/2/20 20:07

Nobody has done a death dance for me, but I did see a very disturbing Glyph pattern in my dreams. I am not comfortable disclosing it now. I think it would be best if we all prepared for the worst.

2015/2/18 17:16

It's odd. I can feel the Anomaly coming.

Was working on some papers today when I felt a shiver all through my body. It was like a very deep, ancient cold. It came, then it was gone. In that moment, I felt as though I was standing in the Afghan mountains. Jahan was there, as well as +Hank Johnson and Azmati and a few other men I couldn't recognize. Everyone looked worried. I looked to the horizon and saw an ancient, powerful Portal surge.

Then, I was back in my study. The letters on the page returned to their true form and became words and ideas. The cold was gone.

What was that? A dream? A vision?

Perhaps just my imagination.

2015/2/4 2:43の投稿

Martin asks some interesting questions. I am fixated on something more basic. What is it that Jahan believes she will accomplish at the 13MAGNUS Portal in Afghanistan?

Begin with what we know. Hank Johnson's corpse resides in a 13MAGNUS nest within the anomaly. The location has some unique properties (frozen missiles) and most notably, Special Forces was unable to find anything in there.

Therefore, I feel we are safe to assume that it has shifting, transdimensional properties (Yuri and Martin -- feel free to disagree). I see it as a labyrinth that morphs in time and space.

I suspect, but can not prove that the key to it is found in glyphic patterns. Patterns that would be well known to Azmati and perhaps Hank, though it is very clear that anybody entering it must be led like a simulacrum. I am reminded of Charon on the river styx.

However, as to Jahan's involvement with Devra, it seems that it must either have happened in college days and involve contact with N'zeer intelligence, or more recently with the CDC and the vaccine.

2015/2/4 2:05の投稿

Whatever you want to say of me, I am an academic. I understand the implications of academic quests and appointments.

I was struck by the revelation today that Jahan was a student of Devra's. It is a throw away comment from Hank. The fact that he is unquestioning about this means that some of his faculties have been dulled... He's no stranger to the Ivory Tower. Or is there another explanation? What do we make of this? Was Devra aware of who and what Jahan was? Do we have any records? Is it possible that Jahan had something to do with the CDC investigations? Was it earlier? And what did Jahan hope to learn, or, in fact, learn from Devra?

2014/12/31 16:29の投稿

+H. Richard Loeb Thank you for sharing that Glyph analysis with me. These days I've been working mostly on attempting to learn more about the N'zeer. I suspect 2015 will be the Age of the N'zeer, and I intend to be forearmed with knowledge. +Hank Johnson has gone radio silent, so for now, the work continues without him.

I've been pondering something astute you said some time ago:

"In mathematics, two negatives make a positive. In analysis, something similar can be true. Given enough lies, one can often piece them together and see the truth in the negative space produced between them."

We know about the 'Ultimate' from +Roland Jarvis's descriptions of it, and we know that the N'zeer represent a force that directly opposes the Shapers.

Previously I thought this meant 'the N'zeer are against the Shapers.' Now I am reconsidering. What if it means 'the N'zeer represent the opposite of the Shapers,' and thus by extension, the Ultimate?

Investigators of this community, I call on you to help collect what we know of the Ultimate in this thread. I suspect, that as we begin to lay the pieces of evidence on the table, we will see something new in the spaces between them.



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