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A rare experience. It has only happened to me once before.

I awoke from a bewildering dream. Like so many of my dreams, it hung just outside of reach, intangible like the morning mist. I lay on the ground in the village and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. 

I looked around, expecting to see my Anazktec friends nearby, but everyone was gone. 

Why had they left me? It was unclear. Then, I heard something strange. 

What was that sound? It seemed to come from beyond a nearby cliff.

I rose and walked towards it.

As I reached the edge, I saw two faces hanging before me. They were singing. The music was not harmonious, but it was... for lack of a better word or concept, complete. 

As they sang, their mouths opened wider and wider. Within the throat of the first face I could see a typhoon of... shapes... colors... textures. They swirled together like the patterns on a canvas painting or a forest floor.

Within the throat of the second was a cloud of millions of tiny points of light and darkness. It shimmered like the scales of a school of fish... mathematically perfect, infinitely complex. 

The symphony grew louder and overcame me.

I awoke once more. It had been a dream within a dream.

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