Yuri Alaric Nagassa


2015/2/4 8:59の投稿


I put out an academic call and this came anonymously. I have no idea why whoever sent it wouldn't attach their name to it. This is more Stein's territory than mine, but apparently it has to do with a mythical mountain and the Shōnin stone. For what its worth, the first thing that came to mind was my journey to the Valley of the Dead in that this is quite obviously about some place that allegedly doesn't exist.

May Indra, whose hands Thunder wield,
Be in the East thy guard and shield;
May Yama's care the South befriend,
And Varun's arm the West defend;
And let Kuvera, the Lord of gold,
The North with firm protection hold!

2015/1/21 6:01の投稿


Had a stunning dream.

Time flies past me. A roaring dust-storm.

Infinity and void. Chase each other locked in perfect balance.

I am the center. Their roar encircles me. I bear witness to their harmonious dance.

2014/12/27 15:58の投稿


A rare experience. It has only happened to me once before.

I awoke from a bewildering dream. Like so many of my dreams, it hung just outside of reach, intangible like the morning mist. I lay on the ground in the village and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

I looked around, expecting to see my Anazktec friends nearby, but everyone was gone.

Why had they left me? It was unclear. Then, I heard something strange.

What was that sound? It seemed to come from beyond a nearby cliff.

I rose and walked towards it.

As I reached the edge, I saw two faces hanging before me. They were singing. The music was not harmonious, but it was... for lack of a better word or concept, complete.

As they sang, their mouths opened wider and wider. Within the throat of the first face I could see a typhoon of... shapes... colors... textures. They swirled together like the patterns on a canvas painting or a forest floor.

Within the throat of the second was a cloud of millions of tiny points of light and darkness. It shimmered like the scales of a school of fish... mathematically perfect, infinitely complex.

The symphony grew louder and overcame me.

I awoke once more. It had been a dream within a dream.


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