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**2015/2/27 7:34の投稿 [#i287312f]


[[+Susanna Moyer:https://plus.google.com/+SusannaMoyer]] reports from Austin as the Factions collide in a fierce contest for the first Shōnin Anomalies, including the narrowest margin victory in Ingress history.

>Susanna Moyerは、イングレス史上もっとも僅差での勝利を含め、最初の証人アノマリーの両陣営が激しく争いぶつかり合うオースティンから報告した。

In a day marked by ambitious fielding and tireless ground efforts, over 6000 Agents rose to the challenge across Europe and the Americas, with more than 2000 in Florence and over 1300 in Austin at the largest US Anomaly to date.


In the wake of Enlightened victories over Florence and Austin, new intel emerged from a woman known only as The Acolyte. In the video that surfaced, the Acolyte claims that [[+Roland Jarvis:https://plus.google.com/+RolandJarvisLives]] has died, and that she now intends to carry the beacon of his message forward. The video also depicts what appears to be a massive, potentially catastrophic XM event at a 13MAGNUS Portal in the Afghan mountains. The Indian biotech researcher and Anti-Magnus leader, Jahan, was attempting to conduct a N'zeer summoning ritual using assistance from the Resistance, but it appears something went very wrong. Analysis of the footage seems to show former Niantic researcher, [[+Devra Bogdanovich:https://plus.google.com/+DevraBogdanovich]], disappearing in a flash of XM energy.

>フィレンツェとオースティンでのEnlightenedの勝利をきっかけに、新しいintelが追随者としてのみ知られている女性から現れた。公にされた映像の中で、追随者はRoland Jarvisが死亡し、今彼のメッセージの標識として進展させるつもりだと主張する。また、その映像はアフガニスタン山中の13MAGNUSポータルでの大規模で、潜在的に壊滅的なXMイベントと思われるものを描いている。インドの生物工学者で、反MagnusのリーダーであるJahanは、レジスタンスからの支援を利用してN'zeerの召喚儀式を行おうと試みていたが、それはまったくうまく行かなかったと思われる。映像の解析からは、旧Nianticの研究者、Devra BogdanovichがXMエネルギーの閃光の中に消えたことを示しているようだ。

Footage has also emerged showing a clandestine meeting between [[+Susanna Moyer:https://plus.google.com/+SusannaMoyer]] and [[+Klue S.:https://plus.google.com/+KlueS]]. It appears that [[+A Detection Algorithm:https://plus.google.com/+ADetectionAlgorithmADA/]] has been keeping secrets, and the conspiracy at the heart of the [[+Niantic Project:https://plus.google.com/+NianticProject]] may go deeper than was ever suspected.

>また、Susanna MoyerとKlueの秘密会議の様子が映像で明らかになった。ADAが秘密を保持していたと思われ、Niantic Projectの中心にある陰謀は、これまで疑われていたよりも、深くなるかもしれない。

The next Ingress First Saturday will take place in over 120 cities across the world on March 7th, and the Shōnin Finale Anomalies will take place on March 28th, in Tokyo, Hannover and Pasadena with Satellites in Adelaide, Christchurch, Guangzhou, Cardiff, Reykjavik, Yekaterinburg, Lima, Denver and Orlando.


**2015/2/26 20:24の投稿 [#d76f8595]


In the shadows, [[+Klue S.:https://plus.google.com/+KlueS]] and [[+Susanna Moyer:https://plus.google.com/+SusannaMoyer]] hold a secret meeting. The topic of their conversation: [[+A Detection Algorithm:https://plus.google.com/+ADetectionAlgorithmADA/]] and the secrets that lie within her.

>暗闇の中で、KlueとSusanna Moyerは秘密会議を行った。トピック:ADAと彼女の内側にある秘密。

Don't ask me how I obtained this video. It's best for all involved if I don't reveal that, for now... I have my secrets too.

>どうやってこのビデオを入手したかは聞かないでくれ。それを明らかにしない方が、関係するすべてにとって最良だ、今のところは... 私にも秘密がある。



KLUE//I didn't think you'd come.


MOYER//I'm a curious sort.


KLUE//This is about ADA.


MOYER//I thought you had that whole process taken care of. Agents made the Glyphs.


KLUE//That's only part of what I need. The other part's a wee bit more difficult.


MOYER//What is it?


KLUE//When ADA was created, she wasn't built from scratch.


MOYER//Yeah, I know that. They built her using OMNIVORE.


KLUE//OMNIVORE is one component. Her analytical capabilities, her pattern recognition, that's all part of OMNIVORE.


MOYER//What's the other component?


KLUE//Her will. Her ability to feel desire, ambition, emotions. That all comes from somewhere else.


MOYER//From where?


KLUE//I don't know. She can't see it. I can't see it. Something deep inside. A void we can't access.




KLUE//He's not saying anything. He's been at the center of so much of this leaked information he knows anything he could say might be compromised.


MOYER//But you think he knows.


KLUE//Why would the NIA hire him to train ADA?




KLUE//Because he's done it before.


**2015/2/25 12:36の投稿 [#reb39daf]

[[+Roland Jarvis:https://plus.google.com/+RolandJarvisLives]] is dead, but the Enlightenment remains. She is his Acolyte, and she comes bearing a warning.

>Roland Jarvisは死んだが、啓蒙活動は残っている。彼女は彼の追随者で、警告を伝えに来る。

The Anti-Magnus leader, Jahan, set an intricate plan into motion. She tricked [[+Hank Johnson:https://plus.google.com/+HankJohnsonNomad]] into helping her uncover a powerful XM Artifact called the Shōnin stone, then took him and his long-time ally, Azmati, as her captives. 

>反Magnusのリーダー、Jahanは動きに複雑な計画を設定した。彼女はHank Johnsonを騙して、証人の石と呼ばれる強力なXMアーティファクトを明らかにするのを手伝わせ、そして彼と彼の長年の同盟者、Azmatiを捕虜として捕獲した。

Jahan forced them to lead her to the 13MAGNUS Nest, an ancient Portal in the Afghan Mountains where Hank Johnson's body lies.

>Jahanは彼らに彼女をHank Johnsonの身体があるアフガニスタン山中の古代のポータルである13MAGNUS Nestへ導くことを強いた。

With the help of Resistance activity during the first Shōnin Anomalies, Jahan hoped to conduct a ceremony that would pave the way for the arrival of the N'zeer.


But something went very wrong.




**2015/2/24 17:47の投稿 [#v43f65f5]


She calls herself his Acolyte.


Practically nothing is known about her, not even her name. She claims that [[+Roland Jarvis:https://plus.google.com/+RolandJarvisLives]] is dead, and that she intends to carry the light of the Enlightened movement forward.

>実際には彼女については、名前すら知られていない。彼女はRoland Jarvisは死んだと主張し、Enlightenedの活動の指導者として進展させるつもりである。

Will she be able to guide those seeking knowledge of the Ultimate? It's too soon to tell, but I detect a powerful resolve behind her eyes.

>彼女は究極の知識を探求することを導くことができるのだろうか? それを言うには早過ぎるが、彼女の目の奥に強力な決意を見出す。


**2015/2/23 13:32の投稿 [#vccb04fb]


I'm not sure how I missed this. I found it on a comment thread, it's an insight into the Shōnin stone from [[+Stein Lightman:https://plus.google.com/+SteinLightman/]]. I sent Stein a message earlier, suggesting he extract these ideas into their own post, but I haven't heard back yet so I'm doing it for him.

>どうしてこれを見逃していたかわからない。私はそれをコメント欄で見つけた、それとはStein Lightmanの証人の石についての洞察だ。 以前Steinにメッセージ、その投稿から考えを抜粋するよう提案を送ったが、まだ返事が返ってきてなかったので、彼のために抜粋しよう。

"Someone had a theory years ago that some sacred objects have actual power.  For instance, the first, ancient Linga Stone probably worked. It was like a key and a lock.  It was activated by XM or Dark XM or some combination channeled in. See it not for its symbolic purposes, but practical purposes.  Until exposed to XM, it looked like an inert object. When exposed, it assumed its true transdimensional nature and functioned like a vital circuit in a circuit board.  


But it was a unique object.  Later generations tried to replicate it, but it was like making a model of a computer with clay.  But, they still remembered the original magic (after all, magic is science we don't understand) and so the object had symbolic power for them.  After that, the original object passed into myth, but the symbol carried  forward. The design maintained the legacy of the original's true power.


I think this goes for obelisks, Stonehenge is probably the human reproduction of a more ancient, functioning structure. [[+Martin Schubert:https://plus.google.com/+MartinSchubertPHD]] and [[+Yuri Alaric Nagassa:https://plus.google.com/+YuriAlaricNagassa]] have convinced me that at one time there was an advanced technology on earth and that some of it exists still.  Imagine a phone that is not charged.  But when charged by a large infusion of XM, these things actually have a function. The Shōnin Stone is an authentic object."

>私はこれはオベリスク、おそらくより古代の人類の再現であるストーンヘンジの機能的構造に通じると考えている。Martin SchubertとYuri Alaric Nagassaはかつて地球上に高度な技術があり、そしていくつかはまだ存在していると私に確信させた。充電されていない携帯電話を想像してみてくれ。膨大なXMの注入によって満たされる時、それらは実際に機能を発揮する。証人の石は本物である」

**2015/2/23 2:25の投稿 [#j740b93a]


[[+H. Richard Loeb:https://plus.google.com/+HRichardLoeb]] is looking for more information about new intel that allegedly emerged at the #Shonin  Anomalies today.

>H. Richard Loebは、本日の証人アノマリーで現れたらしい新しいIntelについての詳細を探している。

So am I.


From what I've heard, there was some kind of XM event. Jahan's N'zeer summoning? Did it go wrong?

>聞いたところによると、何らかのXMイベントがあった。JahanのN'zeer召還か? それは間違った方へ行ったのか?

If you saw or heard something, please share what you discovered. Hopefully we can work together to fill in the gaps...




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